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About Us

About Company

RESDEPM International Limited Experience

Resdepm International Limited is a professional Waste Management, Tank Cleaning, and Warehousing contractor, dedicated to delivering top-notch services to the Oil/Gas industry in Nigeria.

Resdepm International Limited is a leading Vessel Tank Cleaning, Waste Management, and Warehousing company in the Nigerian Oil/Gas industry. With a nine-year track record, we specialize in providing quality services to both International and National Oil Companies in Nigeria. Our team of experienced managers ensures the safe and successful execution of projects.

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Mission and Vision Statement

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission:
To be the most value-adding Oil/Gas Services Company in Nigeria & Africa by developing sustainable businesses that benefit the communities we operate in.

Our Vision:
To be the foremost Oil/Gas Waste Management, Automated Tank Cleaning, and Warehousing Company in Nigeria & Africa, supporting both onshore and offshore projects.


Satisfacton Guarantee

On Time

Years Guarantee

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Our values

By implementing advanced technologies, Resdepm International Limited achieves enhanced employee safety, increased up-time for supply boats, and reduced cleaning time, all while promoting cost-effective practices through the reduction of waste volumes.

Building Staffs

When you require efficient and secure project completion, Resdepm International Limited is your best choice.

Project on Time

We prioritize timely project delivery, working efficiently with your support and without unnecessary delays.

Latest Tech

Our commitment to the environment, social responsibility, and economic outcomes is evident in our use of cutting-edge technology.

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