We always work with an aim of ensuring we do a safe, quality and quick job for our customers and clients ensuring accidents are avoided and cost is saved.

Our Waste Management Services

We provide a complete Oil/Gas Waste Management Solution from Waste Evacuation to Waste Treatment.


Waste Evacuation and Tank Cleaning

We carry out safe and effective evacuation using our equipment like our compressor and pumps and the tank cleaning proper carried out by well trained personnel using our equipment.


Waste Transportation

We provide vacuum trucks and tankers to safely load and discharge your Oil/Gas wastes. We have all the necessary certifications to pass the inspection of various Oil/Gas statutory bodies.


Waste Treatment

We treat your Oil/Gas wastes at DPR-approved and Federal Ministry of Enviroment-approved Waste Treatment Facilities. You don't have to worry about the safe treatment and disposal of your oil wastes.

Tank Cleaning

We have developed efficiency, speed and safety in cleaning tanks in the past nine years.

We are Tank Cleaning and Waste Management Specialists to the Nigerian Oil/Gas Industry. We have both offshore and onshore Tank Cleaning and Waste Management experience.


You can count on us for all your warehousing needs around Oil/Gas Free Zones and Areas in Nigeria

We provide large and spacious warehousing facilities close to Oil/Gas Free Zones and Areas in two Oil Producing States of Nigeria – Rivers and Akwa Ibom States.