Automated Tank Cleaning

  • Automated Tank Farm Crude Oil Storage Tank Cleaning
  • Vessel Mud/Brine/Diesel Storage Tank Cleaning
  • Sludge Evacuation
  • Mud, Base Oil and Brine Storage Tank Cleaning
  • Underground Tank Cleaning
  • Desludging and Cleaning of Hydrocarbon Tanks


Our Tank Cleaning and Waste Management Procedure

RESDEPM International Limited has a company policy of ensuring that its clients are adequately informed on the need for routine cleaning of tanks installed in their operation locations or outside it, including vessels and barges.
This maintenance culture which has been developed over years of efficient and productive services in the Oil and Gas industry has many advantages which include but not restricted to the following

  • Prevent contamination of expensive chemicals
  • Prolong the period of efficacy and the life span of storage tanks
  • Promote a healthy & friendly work environment
  • Reduce cost on major repairs by detecting problems before they arise
  • Reduce losses caused by equipment downtime


The Tank cleaning activities are generally executed in line with the agreed scope as described in the contract/project documents.
All the personnel including the sub-contractors are made familiar with the client’s rules and regulation regarding safety, security, loss prevention and the hazard of the works. During the Tank Cleaning work, a ‘Permit-To-Work (PTW) and a ‘Confined Space-Work-Permit’ (CSWP) system are put in place. All activities are duly planned and organized before commencement of the work.

Resources, facilities and materials are provided on time to avoid delays or rework. The responsibility for the quality and safety of the work is placed on those managing, supervising, planning the work and those performing the activities. However, inspection during the tank cleaning provides assurance that the required quality is achieved in accordance with the approved specification and procedures.

Inspections and audits of the work in progress are performed.
After the completion of the work, a completion certificate will be issued to the client in order to continue in the next stage of the project. After the completion of the works, the site will be cleared and cleaned.